Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Food Budget - Week 8: New Endeavors

Happily, my February grocery budget came in around $300 for the month. However, this month may bring some big changes and challenges. For one, I started a Pampered Chef business! It's very exciting, considering I love to cook and I love their products. In terms of budgeting and buying less food, we shall see. I went well over the $75/week for this week, mostly because we were out of everything staple-wise and I also wanted to do a run-through with some Pampered Chef recipes for my upcoming opening show.

Goal: $75/week
Actual: $115.53

I'm gonna cut this one short this week folks!

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Stephanie Brown said...

Let me know how that mango wedger works if you get your hands on it. Is it only for the small mangoes?

emily said...

i don't think i could work for pampered chef. i'd be spending everything i make!!