Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project Food Budget - Week 5: Waffling Waffles and Wavering Resolve

According to my Webster's New World Dictionary, there are two definitions of the word waffle:

Waffle: a crisp batter cake baked in a waffle iron. Then inserted into one's piehole (this last sentence is mine of course.)
Waffle: to speak or to write in a wordy, vague, or indecisive manner.

This pretty much defines how this week is going. I've been feeling pretty blah lately and did not plan well with this week's grocery trip.

Goal: $75/week (or $300/month)
Actual: (gulp!) $120.85 (from two different stores)

Lessons learned and other deep thoughts:
1. Costco can be the devil. Especially to my debit card. But I still love them so.
2. Costco samples can suck you in.
3. I now have enough Kashi blueberry waffles to last me a year. Was it necessary?
4. Buying pricey ingredients to make whole wheat bread may be costing me more than just buying a loaf.
5. Is buying pricey ingredients for one recipe really worth it? Am I really going to use a whole bottle of molasses and nonfat dry milk?
6. 'Magic Pop' korean snack cakes are the bomb. For reals, they shoot out of a special machine at Giant Eagle Market District. I was overcome by emotion.
7. I went to Costco in the first place to fill a presciption that is hard to find, and once I knew they carried this certain medication, I figured I'd "pick up a few things". Not cool, not cool.

Do you struggle with maintaining your grocery budget? There are a bunch of wonderful bloggers who are taking the Project Food Budget Challenge over the next few months. To find out more, check out Emily Levenson.

Here is a list of those fabulous blogs taking part in the Food Budget. Check them out!

I hope to have some recipes posted soon, especially when I attempt to make a No-Knead 100% Whole Wheat Bread!


Stephanie Brown said...

Costco gets me every time! This week I bought some chili for $10. Really now. Not necessary. Better luck next week!

Leah the Foodie said...

Yeah, I know! Thanks Stephanie, good luck to you too!

emily said...

the evils of costco. while they save you money on some things, it's gets canceled out with everything else.

re: making bread. maybe look for recipes that contain more "staple" ingredients that you will use often. most of the whole wheat bread we make has flour, water, honey, and olive oil. all things we use on a regular basis.

and now that you have molasses, i say look for recipes that use it! maybe a hash or something?