Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Baby

It's been awhile friends. We just got back from a trip to Ocean City, Maryland with my family. It was James' first beach trip and we all enjoyed it immensely. The surf, the sand, and the food was great...but we were glad to return home after a week and get back into our routines. I often wonder if I could live at the beach...I have always loved it (unfortunately being the sun worshipper that I am) but I would weigh 400 lbs! I guess you would eventually get sick of boardwalk food if you lived there...I dunno.

I ate my way through the boardwalk--fries, cannoli, hot dogs, ice cream, fudge and also discovered Polish Water Ice....deelish!

As summer is winding down and must come to an end, so must my summer binge eating. I read an interesting book on the trip, The Low GI Diet Revolution. I will talk about that later...tune in next time!

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Anonymous said...

welcome back, wondered where you went! That's a great picture of the two boys.-kait