Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Relax Aweigh

Hi folks! I know I mentioned briefly in my first post about the 'Relax Aweigh' program and now I will explain it in further detail.

Growing up, my Mom and her sisters would attend these light self-hypnosis/relaxation sessions for weight loss. It was more of a lifestyle than a diet and everyone who attended these sessions found great success. The woman's name who taught the sessions was Pat. I feel like I've known Pat my whole life, well I kinda do since Mom had a few sessions at our house when I was a kid. I went to a few of these sessions myself several years ago when I moved back to this area. She lives in Florida and only came to Western PA/Eastern Ohio a few times a year, which made it difficult. After many years of people begging her to write and record the plan so they could have more access to it on a consistent basis, Pat created the Relax Aweigh CD (which you can actually buy on Amazon! I was amazed because I thought my Mom had one of the few copies floating out there.)

To explain it clearly I will quote from the CD brochure:

"Relax Aweigh is a weigh loss plan different than any other you may have tried. This is a plan where you will not count points, eat specially ordered meals, have to record fat grams or carbs, etc. With Relax Aweigh you will learn how to control your portion sizes, cravings, and emotional eating. You will discover the self-control to be thin and healthy and achieve long-term weight loss. You will do this by following the two parts of this plan. In the first part of this plan, you will make daily diet decisions based on five simple rules. We also refer to these as 'suggestions'. For the second part, you will listen to a 30-minute audio. This is a series of steps where you will use self-relaxation to help you become motivated and focused toward your weight loss goals. "

Here are the five rules (as explained from the CD):
1. Make healthy food choices by eliminating all junk foods.
2. Eat only three well planned meals a day.*
3. Eat slowly, while seated, with no distractions.
4. Control portion sizes and no second helpings.
5. Exercise according to your doctor's instructions.

*Disclaimer: Some individuals may require a few small meals or snacks in additional to the three meals according to their doctor's orders (diabetics & hypoglycemics).

Relax Aweigh, copyright 2006 America's Diet, Inc.

Okay, so now I bet you are wondering, "Gee Leah, if you grew up being surrounded by this great program, why are you such a food whore?" Good question friends. Hmm, I wish I had a better answer besides "no one's perfect".

You see, my Mom is a wonderful baker and cook, plus she's half-Italian. 'Nuff said.
She always baked for us even if she was not partaking in CakeFest '84! (I'm just kidding folks, there was no CakeFest '84, but if there was I would totally be there...with my Cabbage Patch Kids, jelly bracelets and my fingerless red lace gloves....)

Speaking of cakes and the 80's, check out this Michael Jackson cake my Mom made for my cousin's 10th birthday party.

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that cake made me laugh out loud, she she go into business. but he needs to be two shades whiter....kait