Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dreamed about sweets last night...

Last night I dreamed of sweets. I have dreamed of them many times before. It usually involves a table full of decadent desserts and I am shoving them into my piehole with great force. This was the case in last night's dream. I was in a basement (?) and I was eating cake or pie and hoping no one would discover me. Wow.

Today is Day Three without sugar and I am doing okay (despite the dream). The biggest challenge for me has been the other modifications that I am making to my lifestyle. The first one is sitting at our dining room table without distractions to eat a meal. Yeah, I know it's weird, but we rarely sit at the table to eat! We usually eat sitting on the couch while catching up with whatever is on our DVR, or I am sitting at my computer catching up on email, etc. or texting....anyway, you get the idea.

Sitting at the dining room table (if I can find it under the amount of clutter) in silence and without distractions is a HUGE challenge! This modification is part of the Relax Aweigh program I had mentioned and I will go thru explaining that in a future post.

I am a huge multi-tasker and I was known for eating in my cubicle while working on a deadline in my last job. So, I got into the habit of eating very quickly (also having a baby around now doesn't help) while doing other things. It ends up leaving me unsatisfied, and looking for more food.

The challenge is taking a 20 minute meal, seated, and eating your meal slowly and not focusing on other things--tv, reading, cellphone, computer, etc. I believe I've read that it takes 20 minutes for your body to register feeling full or something like that. I tend to overeat when I inhale my meal in 5 to 10 minutes and then wonder why I still feel hungry (and then rummage around for 'something sweet' to cap off my meal).

Also, along with that challenge comes eating three square meals a day. It seems to be okay so far, as long as I eat some form of protein at these meals to combat my hypoglycemia. I had tried eating 6 small meals a day in the last couple years, but it ended up being 6 large meals a day, and then some.
Well folks, this has turned out to be a larger post than I anticipated, so I will end for now. I have much more to say but will save it for another time. Pray for me tonight as I will be having dinner with my husband's family to celebrate his b-day yesterday! Hopefully, there won't be cake...

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